Mermaid Hoop Piercing Gold



Jewelry Material 18K Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver 
Jewelry  Color Gold
Earring Style


Diameter 11 mm 
Motive Size 6x7 mm
Closure Snap nut
Made in Spain
Clean with cloth only. Do not use any liquids.

The Mermaid Hoop Piercing Gold is part of the of Kalk’s Nature Collection. The beauty of nature gathered in the Nature collection. The most iconic elements in our environment represented in simple designs. The pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings and piercings will bring a touch of life and style, to your everyday looks.

Ref. JIAPIR114-0026-UNI
All our jewels are made of   925 Sterling Silver, 925 Sterling Silver plated in 18kt gold or Steel.

In the case of   gold-plated jewelry, keep in mind that there are factors that can cause the gold plated to be slightly lost, such as the use of chemical products, body sweating or even our own PH. Here are some recommendations that can help you keep them:
  • To clean them, use warm water, neutral soap and a brush.
  • Keep them in the envelopes that we include with each piece of jewelry or in a jewelry box to protect them from external elements that could damage them.
  • Avoid using our jewelry at sea or in the pool, as well as spraying them with perfume or alcohol directly on them.
If you take care of your Kalk jewelry they will stay perfect for a long time.