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-PORTADAPiercing Addict To Candy Ouro
Piercing Zircônia OuroPiercing Zircônia Ouro

Piercing Zircônia Ouro

Sale price€19.99
-PORTADAPiercing Aro Amalfi Ouro Puro
Basic 10 Hoop Earrings GoldBasic 10 Hoop Earrings Gold
-PORTADABrincos Rainbow Hoop Gold

Brincos Rainbow Hoop Gold

Sale price€29.99
Basic 14 Hoop Earrings SilverBasic 14 Hoop Earrings Silver
-PORTADAAnel de ouro perfurante

Anel de ouro perfurante

Sale price€19.99
-PORTADAOuro Aro Tribal Perfurantes
-PORTADAPiercing Addict To Sky Prata
Piercing Ouro InicialPiercing Ouro Inicial

Piercing Ouro Inicial

Sale price€19.99
Piercing Aro Muse GoldPiercing Aro Muse Gold

Piercing Aro Muse Gold

Sale price€19.99
Piercing Aro Ouro InicialPiercing Aro Ouro Inicial

Piercing Aro Ouro Inicial

Sale price€24.99
Vitto Pure Hoop Piercing GoldVitto Pure Hoop Piercing Gold
Ambra Light Blue Piercing GoldAmbra Light Blue Piercing Gold
-PORTADAWaist Chain Simple

Waist Chain Simple

Sale price€24.99
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-PORTADAPiercing Aro L´Amour Gold

Piercing Aro L´Amour Gold

Sale price€15.99 Regular price€19.99
Ear Cuff Stylish OuroEar Cuff Stylish Ouro

Ear Cuff Stylish Ouro

Sale price€19.99
-PORTADAPiercing Addict To Candy Prata
Aro Royal Gold piercingAro Royal Gold piercing

Aro Royal Gold piercing

Sale price€19.99
-PORTADAPiercing Addict To Sky Ouro
-PORTADAFíore Ametista Ouro

Fíore Ametista Ouro

Sale price€19.99

Waist Chain Flowers

Sale price€29.99
Pino de raio perfurador Zircônia Ouro MulticolorPino de raio perfurador Zircônia Ouro Multicolor
Ambra Moss Piercing GoldAmbra Moss Piercing Gold

Ambra Moss Piercing Gold

Sale price€19.99