Kalk in Andrea Rueda's first box for 21 Buttons

Kalk in Andrea Rueda's first box for 21 Buttons

As we imagine you already know, 21 Buttons has prepared an action that we have been wanting for a long time and that is to be able to buy the clothes of the influencers that inspire us the most. 

We couldn't believe it when Andrea Rueda decided that Kalk should be in her first box and from the day we spoke to her for the first time it was a real crush.

Luna by Andrea

For this special occasion we thought it was necessary to create a little piece of jewelry especially for her, which arose from her moon-shaped heel tattoo and which we wanted to call Luna by Andrea in her honor.

Luna Pendant by Andrea

Femme Collection

The Femme Collection was created to reinforce the empowerment of women. The main symbol of each piece of the collection has become an icon of struggle and search for equality that reminds us of what we have achieved and the road ahead.

Courage, strength and confidence are just some of the values conveyed by this collection that is so important to us, whose pieces have already become amulets for many women. All this represented through a minimalist design that needs nothing more to say loudly that together we can do anything.

Femme Pendant

Piercing Femme 

Piercing Aro Femme