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Which are the best bags to go to college?

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Our university students know that time is money when it comes to achieving their academic goals. When you buy bags online at Kalk you can choose from a multitude of designs without having to wait in endless queues or settle for the limited variety of traditional stores.

We have designed a complete collection with the best bags for college this season. A part of your future will be stored inside. Shall we help you choose?

Bags for college, which is better?

When it comes to the best bags for college, we can open a debate about colors, designs or finishes. But what does not admit doubts is that we must choose a model that incorporates three basic characteristics:

Amplitude: We need space, both for writing material, notes, etc., as well as for our accessories.

Comfort: The bag will be our companion and ally throughout the course. What we ask is that it be comfortable to wear, that it has an ergonomic grip and that it does not add too much weight to the rest of the material that we have to transport.

Functionality: It is appreciated that the bag has interior compartments in the form of pockets in which we can maintain a certain order and dispose of any object quickly.

Types of bags to take to college

Once the basic characteristics that we need have been defined, it is time to choose the best bags for university based on the different types available on the market and the trends for this new course.

A safe bet when choosing a model for the university are the big bags. Most brands have items of this type. Its breadth allows us to transport a tablet or a laptop, as well as folders and documents along with our personal belongings.

Within the maxi bags we can find a wide variety of designs and materials. The choice will largely depend on our taste and style. Here are some recommendations:

Quilted bags

Total priority for the comfort and safety of the objects we transport, especially if they are electronic. The padding gives us an extra layer of protection, something that our shoulders will appreciate as the course progresses.

Bolso Kalk para llevar ir a la uni

Polyester bags

A touch of elegance never hurts. Polyester bags are also very comfortable for everyday use and have the advantage that they are very easy to clean.

Sports bags

For the most active spirits. We do not care if you can see external zippers or padding if this guarantees that the phone or tablet travels safely. In addition, you can always add a t-shirt and sweatpants in its interior compartments to clear your mind with some exercise after the academic day.

Faux leather bags

Who said that functionality must be at odds with aesthetics and good taste? Some of the best college bags this fall winter season are made of faux fur. The secret of your success? Its softness and ease to combine with all kinds of styles.

Tote Bags

These have positioned themselves as the best option in bags to take to uni. They are comfortable and have a lot of space, which is essential for day-to-day life. We can find them in all their versions, from large fabric bags to those with different storage spaces.

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