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Find gift ideas for women at Kalk


Gifts are a true token of love and appreciation. There is nothing more touching than knowing that the special person in your life has taken the time to find the perfect gift for you. And there is nothing more gratifying than getting it right.

At Kalk, we take into account all those people who think "what could be the perfect gift for my girlfriend, sister, mother or friend this Christmas? We invite you to discover our Christmas gift ideas for women: a selection of accessories that they will always remember.


A piece full of meaning. A connection between you and the recipient of this jewel. A story that only both people share.

The initials are a seal of identity. An elegant accessory, both in 925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold plated, accompanied by zircons that surround the letter. You can choose her initial, yours, or a word with a meaning you share.

You can find this piece as a pendant, for a more elegant finish, or as a piercing, for a more contemporary look. Both options are ideal for everyday wear.

Just like letters, numbers have a background for those who share them: an important date, a lucky number... Give a piercing with a charm set with zirconia, the simplicity and sparkle will stand out in her ear, and you'll be sure to find the perfect gift.


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Basics that last in your jewellery box. Pieces that are not trendy and gifts for girls who value simplicity.


Basic hoop earrings in 925 Sterling Silver or 18K Gold plated. At Kalk, you can find them in five different sizes and thicknesses: larger to stand out or smaller and thinner for everyday wear.

You can pair them with basic piercings or give them a little special touch with different shapes and materials such as zirconia. A combination designed and created just for that person.


Thin rings: an elegant and sophisticated accessory, as well as comfortable. Combinable both in summer and winter, as well as with other types of accessories or even rings of different sizes. Essential for those who want to include jewellery in their everyday life and establish the beginning of building their jewellery box or creating their own stamp.


And, without a doubt, an essential piece for those who have piercings in their ears. The earrings with a flat clasp, which stand out for their comfort, or butterfly clasp, are ideal for everyday wear. True lovers of these accessories understand the importance of piercings that are easy to wear, comfortable to wear so you don't have to take them out at the end of the day. This selection of essentials is essential to make sure you don't miss out this Christmas.

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December is the month of special occasions par excellence. Give the gift of that special piece of jewellery that will bring out its own sparkle at the events that await you.

An exclusive collection of classic earrings with a trendy touch. Steel jewellery available in silver or 18K gold plated. Accessories with a unique fall, ideal to stand out in these dates or become a jewellery box background.

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An essential and timeless accessory. A real lifesaver for the most special occasions. Bags are that gift for girls that provides security, adds a touch of colour, and allows you to carry everything you need with you and store what you find along the way.

Everyone chooses different types of bags. That's why at Kalk we present a selection carefully thought out for those who love comfort with shoulder bags; tote bags for those who never stop; mini bags to celebrate a special evening... Different sizes, colours and shoulder bags according to your style and needs.

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For those who can't decide what to give as a gift, gift cards can also be a good option. If you are not sure what the person you want to surprise wants or likes, a gift card lets them choose for themselves.

Kalk gift cards have no expiry date and are presented in an ideal way for gift giving: they include the card with the amount and the detailed code inside a pink box.

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This Christmas, give a gift to everyone on your list and make them smile with your Kalk gift.