On-trend bikinis for summer 2022: the ideal bikini for your destination

On-trend bikinis for summer 2022: the ideal bikini for your destination

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Swimming costume trends 2022

We know that this is going to be "the summer" - with a lot of emphasis - and that you already have a thousand plans organised with your friends. That's why, and so that you only have to worry about enjoying yourself, we bring you the ideal selection of on-trend 2022 bikinis with which you'll be the focus of all eyes this summer.

Swimwear trends for a party on a boat

The holidays are a great time to wear that bikini or swimming costume you've been wanting to wear for so long.

We recommend innovating with animal print, a trend that never goes out of fashion. Our Leo print also has a velvety finish, which will make you want to wear it as a top when you're not swimming.

In the picture, the Leo Cardy one-piece, the Isama Leo top and the Kame Leo bottom. 

Choose according to your style and think about whether you prefer to wear a one-piece or a two-piece, it's up to you!


The bikini for summer 2022 that all your friends will want to match

Have you ever ended up being the main conversation in your group of friends because of that spectacular bikini you were wearing? We know you have.

Kalk's most wanted designs are the Hanan and Ohara tops. The latter is new for 2022 and is sure to make you fall in love.

You can combine them with the Gina and Manami bottoms, which will also enhance your silhouette.

And we have good news, they are available in 6 colours, so you can share the trend with your friends without wearing the same one!

The sunbathing bikini

If sunbathing is your favourite pastime and you don't want to get sun marks, we have the perfect solution for you.

Enjoy the most paradisiacal beaches in the world while wearing our Akira Zebra Pinky top and Kame Zebra Pinky bottom. Both are designed with adjustable straps, so you can adjust how much to hide and how much to show.

The Akira top allows for different positions, which will make it much easier for you to sunbathe comfortably and enjoy the dip later without it falling off.

Trendy bikinis for going out in Ibiza 

As a new addition, you can combine all your Kalk bikinis with a matching sarong or kaftan. Or mixing colours, as you prefer! Of course, we know that there will be no corner of Ibiza that you can't resist with the blue combination of our collection.

Start the day and end it with the same set without fear of what they might think. Blue is perfect for all occasions, and it also enhances your tan.

Like our model, wear your Hanan Blue top and Manami Blue bottom with the Blue sarong. Add a skirt or jeans for the night, and you are ready to enjoy the most famous night of the pitusas!

Style, comfort and trend in one look.

The Mykonos or Santorini bikini 2022 

One of the most coveted destinations is Greece, as well as all the spots that this Mediterranean spectacle has to offer.

To accompany the island, we recommend our Rainbow print in all its options. The fabric is honeycomb, which flatters all body types. So cool.

In the picture, the Ena Rainbow top, the Gina Rainbow bottom and the Takara Rainbow swimming costume.

What do you think? Are you in for a Kalk summer?