925 sterling silver, can it get wet?

925 sterling silver, can it get wet?

Haven't you discovered the pieces of the new collection of Kalk silver necklaces yet? Today we want to help you keep your pieces in the best condition so that you can always show them off at their best.

Can silver get wet? What care do silver jewelry need? Below we answer these questions and share some practical tips that will be of great use to you when it comes to keeping your necklace collection as bright as the first day.


Before clarifying whether sterling silver can be dipped, we are going to define the difference between 925 silver and sterling silver.

925 silver: When we talk about 925 silver, we refer to jewels that contain 92.5% silver, and can also integrate up to 7.5% of other metals.

Sterling silver: Sterling silver is any piece that contains the minimum percentage of silver established by current legislation. In Spain, this minimum is set at 800 thousandths.




One of the most common problems with silver pieces is their tarnishing. The silver darkens due to the contact of the jewel with acidic agents.

Keeping silver jewelry in storage for a long time can also cause it to tarnish. To avoid this we recommend:

Store your silver jewelry in a cool, dry place. Ideally, keep them in airtight containers.

Avoid contact with sweat when doing sports, or salt and chlorine when you swim at the beach or in the pool.

Try to keep your jewelry separate. Contact between them accelerates their deterioration.

Keep the pieces away from prolonged contact with sunlight or artificial light.
Avoid storing silver in wooden boxes, as these most likely contain some type of chemical agent.

Clean your jewelry frequently to prevent it from deteriorating. A simple maintenance can be to soak them for a few minutes in hot salt water or baking soda on an aluminum base. It is also important to dry it completely at the end.




Can silver get wet? Well yes. There is no problem with silver pieces getting wet, but you should always bear in mind that they cannot come into contact with chemical agents. So, as far as possible, it is preferable that you keep them away from moisture.

And can sterling silver get wet? The answer is the same. Simple contact with water does not cause sterling silver to darken.


No, silver does not oxidize. Like other noble metals, such as gold or platinum, silver does not react to atmospheric oxidation.

The fact that it presents a yellowish or dark tone is usually caused in most cases by contact with chemical agents, prolonged exposure to light or even the Ph of our skin.