beach bags

The best bags to go to the beach

Summer, sun, sea and lots of sand. Lots and lots of it. Coming back from the beach loaded with sand is almost inevitable, does it happen to you too? This season we have designed a new line of beach bags so that what you bring back from your holidays are souvenirs and memories, no sand!

The Jelly Bags are rigid, easy to clean and the perfect size to carry a towel and everything you need. These plastic beach bags are available in four trendy colours: romantic pink, bright sky blue, beige and white.

Basket bags for long days at the beach 

Organising a trip to the beach with friends is a great plan, who doesn't like to enjoy a day in the sun and in good company? We love to carry everything we need, that's why our Jelly Bags are so light and big enough that none of our beach essentials are left at home or in the hotel room.

Basket bags are ideal for the beach. The netted design allows you to see everything inside, so you can make sure you have everything you need close to your hands! These new bags from Kalk are perfect for your holiday near the coast.

The most wanted basket bag for this summer

Kalk's Jelly Bag is eye-catching. Its ribbed design keeps sand out of those tricky corners that trap dirt and grime summer after summer. And because they're made of plastic, they're as quick to clean as the blink of an eye.

And they dry super fast! And before you realise, they'll be ready to put all your stuff back inside without fear of getting dirty, lost or damaged.

Kalk Jelly Bags are available in 4 colours, and here we present them to you:

Pink Jelly Bag by Kalk

Pink is one of the favourites colors of the moment. We can see it everywhere and it is one of the strongest trends that we will continue seeing during the next seasons. We recommend you going for accessories in this colour to give a soft and trendy touch to your summer outfits.

This beach bag from Kalk is the perfect accessory to flirt with the color pink on your beach meetings. In pastel tones and with a sophisticated design, it will give your swim outfits the pink tones that are so popular this summer.

bolsos de playa grandes


Blue Jelly Bag by Kalk

This blue bag is one of our bestsellers. You'll turn heads at your holiday destination - imagine yourself on a beach in Mykonos, with your bag and a matching sarong, doesn't it sound good?

The blue Jelly Bag has everything you need to be a hit even on a summer night. Its turquoise tone makes it a must-have. Want a tip? Combine it with colours like orange, green and pink. Dare and you will have a trendy look that will not go unnoticed.

pendientes resistentes al agua

Beige Jelly Bag by Kalk

If you're more into classic tones, this beige Jelly Bag is made for you. This more neutral version of our best-selling basket bag is ideal to match any of your outfits. Would you like to know how to combine this bag for the beach?

We recommend choosing beige accessories for your printed looks or neutral tones, such as black and white. In the case of a beach bag, it will have its spotlight without having to be the main character of your outfit.

As you can see, the latest trends in beach bags bring us a collection of perfect bags so that those days at the beach are not followed by long weeks cleaning sand at home.

bolsos de playa xxl

White Jelly Bag by Kalk

The white Jelly Bag is definitely that bag that you can match with everything. It really is. And you don't have to carry it just for the beach. You can extend your beach days and turn it into the perfect bag for that evening walks along the promenade.

bolsos de plástico para playa

So now you know, if you're looking for an all-rounder bag, that this one is totally made for you.

We're sure you're already thinking about which bag would go best with all the outfits and bikinis you're going to pack in your suitcase for the holidays, or aren't we right? Don't think about it too much, we're sure they're going to be the most desirable for this summer.