Types of bags for every occasion. Quick guide.

Types of bags for every occasion. Quick guide.

Are you a bagaholic and need to have the perfect bag for every occasion? We know what you mean, it's the same for us... As sharing is living, read on and find in this guide the best recommendations for women's handbags for every occasion.

How many types of handbags there are?

The handbag has become an indispensable accessory in recent decades. There is no such thing as the perfect outfit without a bag to go with it. Below, we give you some tips to choose the type of bag that best suits you and that you will surely end up longing to have.

Party bags

It could be said that party bags are the most precious piece for those who see, in this accessory, an opportunity to make a look shine.

Feathered bags, clutch bags, party bags in special colours and prints, bags with rhinestones... All waiting in the wardrobe for the perfect occasion to shine.

To get the most out of your party bag, we recommend choosing plain styles and combining them with more premium colours, such as gold or silver. It will enhance your look and, as well as wearing it to the event of the day, you'll still be able to wear it on your nights out on the town.

If you're looking for party bags online, this silver mini clutch bag has all the perfect features to make it the perfect party bag for your wardrobe: it's small, silver and with a detachable strap, you can wear it as a clutch.

tipo de bolsos de fiesta plateados

Tote Bag

The tote bag is THE BAG, in capital letters. We use it a lot on a daily basis and it allows us to carry the house on our backs.

This kind of big bags give a cosmpolite touch to any outfit, even to the most sober office looks, they are perfect to go to work when you spend a lot of hours outside! It's a must-have for those of us who leave the house loaded down with our make-up and toiletry bags.

A tip? The ideal is to choose a bag with neutral and plain colours, so that it can serve as an ally for the day to day. If you are one of those who likes to take risks, here we leave you the tote bag with animal print, you will attract all eyes!

ejemplo de bolso tipo tote bag

Shoulder bag or Hobo

The Hobo bag, better known as shoulder bag, is characterised by its wide and short handle. How do you recognise it? The body of the bag is slightly elongated and is usually wider at the bottom, tapering towards the top.

They are bags for all kinds of occasions, and can be found designed with an infinite number of materials. The usual Off-White bag is designed in Nylon and available in 4 different colours so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

bolso de hombro de nylon

Handbag or Clutch

Handbags, clutches or envelopes are those that are carried without a chain or handle, hugging the body. They are reminiscent of the pouch bag, a type of bag that resembles a toilet bag because of its tiny size and the strap designed to be carried by the wrist.

They are very comfortable for special occasions such as weddings or events. Although they are usually designed with materials that are more reminiscent of luxury, nowadays we can find them in all types and for all occasions.

Crossbody Bag

The bags known as Crossbody Bags are ideal to complete a casual and trendy look. Due to their prints and colours we usually see them more in summer, although their versatility makes them more and more popular in streetstyle also in autumn and winter.

They are large bags (without being XL size) so it is very comfortable to carry them crossed. They are the most recommended type of bag for travelling and spending long days discovering new places.

In Kalk you can find the Crossbody model in different shades perfect for this summer, like this lavender crossbody, perfect to become the bag of your next holidays.

tipo de bolso bandolera color lavanda

Advantages of carrying a handbag

Keys, wallet, smartphone, toiletry bag, diary... Bags have become a must-have before leaving the house. There are more and more options, and we love them all! Backpacks and accessories are an ideal choice for those who want to give their outfits a fresh and sporty look.

There are as many styles and types of bags as there are personalities. Our advice is to identify very well the use you are going to give to each bag and choose one that matches easily with your wardrobe.

At Kalk we design our collections inspired by the latest trends and we take great care to create comfortable and functional pieces.

You can wear them smaller or bigger, wider or narrower, with handles, attached to the body or with endless chains... The styles are infinite and you can store in them everything you need for every occasion.

Find the model that best suits your needs and browse our collection of Kalk bags!