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The 'curated ears' craze has completely revolutionised the jewellery scene and how we incorporate them into our daily lives. Piercings are capable of changing the appearance of our ear completely, giving it the personality we reflect through the designs and colours we like the most.


The tragus piercing is one of the most popular piercings, far from the traditional earlobe piercing, it provides a distinctive style. However, it is also one of the piercings that takes the longest to heal, so it is very important to know all the details about how to care for a tragus piercing and what steps to take to avoid infection.
This piercing is found in the tragus: the inner area of the cartilage, right at the entrance of the ear canal, from which it gets its name. Once you have decided to add this piercing to your ear, the big question arises: how long does it take for the tragus to heal?

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Although the tragus area is not one of the most painful, as it does not have many nerve endings, this is one of the holes that takes the longest time to heal, because the cartilage is a delicate area. Normally, the complete healing process takes about 2 months. During this time, it is essential to follow a series of care and recommendations to speed up the healing process.

However, keep in mind that this time can be prolonged and we recommend following these steps beyond the first few months of your piercing to avoid any infection. This piercing could be considered fully healed once 6 to 12 months have passed since the piercing was performed.


Here is a small guide with simple steps to cure your tragus and avoid any kind of infection.

The first and most important step is not to change the initial earring that was used to pierce the hole during the first 2 months and even longer to avoid infection. It is essential to keep this first earring for a long period of time to ensure that the hole has healed as much as possible. Also, avoid touching the piercing with your hands during the day to prevent infection.

Another step you should not forget to take is to clean the wound daily with saline solution, at least twice a day. This is very important especially in the first few months after the piercing. A tip: we recommend that you continue this routine after this time. Another way to avoid infection is to wash the area with antiseptic soap. Also, during this cleaning, we recommend that you move the piercing so that the serum reaches all areas of the hole with clean hands.

In the event that a scab appears around the hole, do not pick it off. This is normal and part of the healing process. However, if it bothers you, you can gently clean this area with a damp cotton swab to avoid bleeding.

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In addition to these essential steps to cure your tragus piercing, we have other recommendations that you can implement to your day to day and with which you will manage to avoid any type of infection.

For the cure of this type of piercing, it is highly recommended to avoid in-ear headphones, as they go inside the ear canal and rub against the tragus cartilage area. Instead, use external headphones that do not rub directly against this area of the ear.

If you have long hair, try to prevent it from getting caught in the piercing and avoid pulling on this area. Also, be careful when washing your hair. Avoid contact with chemicals such as shampoo, hairspray, perfumes or make-up, including sunlight.


To adorn your new tragus piercing, avoid infection and feel comfortable with your new piercing, we suggest you opt for a flat clasp piercing. One of the most comfortable and least painful designs thanks to its small clasp. You can find a wide variety of shapes of these small pieces: stars, rays, crosses or hearts. Available in steel or 18K gold plated, with or without zirconia.

If you opt for hoops, you can also find specific piercings for this hole. With a small opening in its circumference, you can adjust this earring depending on how tight or loose you prefer it. It gives your ear look a personality of its own, without any pain.

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In any case, if you notice that the area of your piercing is very swollen or red, we recommend that you go to the piercing centre or, if necessary, to a doctor who can assess your case and recommend the necessary products to cure your tragus piercing.