Neon Lights Capsule: the most stylish fluorescent bikinis for summer


Endless nights clouded by neon lights and flashes of salt water. Summer is advancing faster and faster, reminding us that sunsets on the beach are still the true stars of the season. A party atmosphere and warm light that invites us to discover one of the most acclaimed trends of the moment: fluorescent bikinis.

As if it were an explosion of tonalities, this year neon swimming costumes are sneaking into the most outstanding outfits. Vitamin-coloured pieces that break the monotony and take us straight back to those days at the beach that end in a beach club with friends at sunset.


This 2023 fluorine tones jump from the big catwalks to swimwear. During the past seasons we have seen how some garments and accessories were infected by their vitality. Now, the fluorine bikinis invite us once again to discover the possibilities and versatility that await the bright colours.

Our neon lights capsule is inspired by this trend and takes neon light hues to the next level. Creating a collection of bikinis that represent the desire to cross the sand, have fun and not sleep.

Its asymmetrical fluorine print combines a palette of greens, pinks, yellows and oranges that complement each other perfectly. A series of vibrant and energetic models that reach the seashore with unique designs in different versions.

Neon Lights Collection, colourful bikinis by KALK


The different pieces that make up this collection have two key elements that give it its characteristic essence: a multicoloured design in neon tones and a rectangular patchwork print with an asymmetrical finish. Both details make it possible for this capsule to have the perfect requirements to become one of the most outstanding trends of the season.

Undoubtedly, this is a series of designs that provide great luminosity and that manage to highlight the tanned skin. Their striking colours and textures are reminiscent of the lightness of a summer night's breeze. An ideal plan to enjoy the unexpected.

In addition, the different models of our neon lights capsule, have different cuts of panties and neckline. All of them are designed to be combined with each other so that you can match them according to your style and personality.

Fluorescent bikinis and swimming costumes are all the rage this summer


There is no doubt that full-colour swimming costumes have become one of the most sought-after pieces of the summer. That is why the Ailen model is one of the unique pieces in our collection.

This is a perfect hybrid to wear both as a swimming costume on beach and pool days and as a bodysuit or top on summer nights. Its straight neckline and fixed straps give it a retro look that highlights its unmistakable aesthetic.

It's also an ideal piece to combine with another of the season's must-have accessories: crab sandals. This type of footwear, just like our neon-coloured swimming costume, retains a vintage essence that takes us straight back to our first summer holidays by the sea.

The fluorescent-coloured Ailen swimming costume by KALK


If you want to add an extra detail to your bright bikini without losing the spotlight, here's a tip you can't miss.

Try to combine this piece with very subtle elements that can add the final touch. An example of this is gold jewellery, with which you will be able to give the style light and elegance. In this case, simple chains or necklaces are an ideal option. As well as a matching ring or bracelet.

Let the metallic finishes contrast with the striking textures of the design. Although it may seem like a risky combination, the result will surprise you.

Collection of phosphorescent Bikinis of the firm K

When the crashing of the waves on the rocks becomes the soundtrack of summer, you know it's time to dive into the trends of the season. This year the choice is clear: fluor swimming costumes will be the best complement to match our salty skin.

Find the design that best suits your style and personality and tune your summer with the most exclusive vitamin colours of the moment.