Waterproof Jewellery: the best buy for this summer

Waterproof Jewellery: the best buy for this summer

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Who hasn't forgotten to take off their jewellery before going to the pool? How many times have you wished you could combine your top swimming costume of the season with your favourite jewellery?

Girl, we know how it feels. That's why at Kalk we've designed a collection that's perfect for you so you can hit the beach without having to worry. We present you our waterproof jewellery, a waterproof proposal designed to enjoy your summer outfits without limits.

How do you know if your jewellery is water resistant?

It is usually recommended that, in order to keep our jewellery shiny and like new for as long as possible, we should leave them out when we go to the pool, beach, shower or play sports. There are many factors that can cause them to lose their gold plating or turn an unflattering shade of black.

Many of you ask us if silver can get wet. Our recommendation is to avoid taking a dip if your jewellery is silver. This material can lose its colour much sooner due to the chemical reactions it undergoes when in contact with oxygen and salt water or chlorine. In short, stainless steel jewellery is the most resistant to summer days.

At Kalk we work our waterproof jewellery with surgical steel to ensure that they are always as good as new. This material resists corrosion, retains its shine and colour and requires little maintenance. Our gold-plated jewellery is made of surgical steel, so it is also visually very attractive.

Water resistant necklaces 

Swimming with a Kalk gold chain and your new swimming costume? A necklace is a piece that dresses up a look. Commonly, we choose designs that represent us in style and form. The most popular necklaces in summer are necklaces with coloured beads. These are very comfortable and water resistant, as they are made of materials that do not darken and are very durable.

Do you want our recommendation? Choose necklaces that brighten up all your looks with lots of colour, as summer is the best time to take risks and wear a thousand colours. This Sunny Gold necklace by Kalk, with beads and charms is ideal to enhance your summer tan.

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Waterproof earrings

Probably the thing we like to combine the most are earrings. And although we usually wear the same ones for everyday wear, we are very difficult to take risks for special occasions and events. Are you too? Then you'll understand why we're so lazy to take off our earrings to go to the beach.

With these Trilogy earrings gold, you can be the queen of the beach party that your friends organise this summer, and the best thing is: without losing your style. We assure you that you won't go unnoticed, their 3-in-1 earrings design makes them a super versatile option and a sure hit!

We remind you that they are our stainless steel earrings, so you can bathe and bathe (and sunbathe) infinite times without worrying about them losing their colour.

joyas waterproof

Water resistant rings

Rings are the jewellery that suffer the most from wear and tear and the passage of time. We use our hands for everything and they come into contact with everything we touch. With every new gold plated ring design we take this into account and make them from high quality surgical steel.

We have an endless selection of our favourite rings, and these Soul ring gold has become our summer crush. It's clear that big rings are the trend this summer, isn't it? That's right. We couldn't feel more identified: a big ring, with coloured stones, and ideal to complete our coolest and summery looks.

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Waterproof bracelets

As opposed to rings, bracelets are the accessories that tend to stand the test of time the best. It is true that the wrists are not an area that suffers a lot of overexposure, and that favours its maintenance.

If bracelets are your favourite accessory, we bring you a selection of the models that are already triumphing in our online shop (so you can get them right now). Here's a tip: bead bracelets are a must in your jewellery box, an irresistible hit!

Another trend this summer? More is more. Fill your arm with bracelets and create colourful and timeless combinations that give your arm a personality of its own. You can start with this fuchsia bead bracelet and build up your collection little by little.

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Have you already fallen in love with waterproof accessories and jewellery? Start enjoying the summer and all the plans that come your way. Now that you know that surgical steel jewellery can get wet, we can't wait to join you.