jewellery trends 2023

These are the jewellery trends for 2023

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With the beginning of the year, an infinite number of plans and moments are opening up. And we, more eager than ever, await them with open arms. It is always a good time to dream of what is to come, although we confess that, for us, living day by day, letting ourselves go is the best of all plans.

Our new resolution? To give fresh air to all the looks that will accompany us throughout the year. How? With a capsule collection that speaks of how free we feel and the desire we have to live new experiences.

One of the jewellery trends for 2023 are maxi earrings. Those that become the real stars of your style. They captivate everyone and enhance the face. These earrings are a real contemporary heirloom that you will always want to combine and not leave forgotten in the jewellery box only for special occasions.


We have already seen this trend on the catwalks, and now it is coming to the streets. In 2023, earrings will be worn in XXL versions. The most popular designs will be those with precious stones, flowers and pearls.

We present you our collection of earrings to accompany you in the moments you will never want to forget. Discover our XXL selection to join the jewellery trend for 2023.


As Marilyn Monroe said, diamonds are our best friends. We go for classic but captivating stones. In all their formats.

The Scandal Earrings are a classic that never goes out of fashion. A premium accessory. On the steel, the zirconia stones stand out and shine from any perspective. That jewel that is suitable for all special occasions: whether you are invited to a wedding, a graduation, a birthday party in style or, as a wardrobe staple for all New Year's Eve dinners, year after year. This is that pair of earrings that will always look good with your most sophisticated outfits.

Scandal Kalk earrings

Another more relaxed format of this trend are the hoop earrings. They can be combined with any kind of look. And, most importantly, you don't have to wait for a big occasion to wear them. Versatility at its best.

Flirty and Desire earrings unite two jewellery trends of 2023 in one piece: diamonds and earrings. Made for a more casual and natural style. Accompanying a total look that stands out on its own.

Flirt hoop earrings

To preserve that classic essence, we present our Heaven earrings. A pair of flat hoop earrings with rectangular cubic zirconia on silver-coloured steel and with a press stud. An elegant piece with a contemporary twist.

A tip: if you're looking for a totally different style, the Drops earrings are for you. A pair of earrings from which hang two flat steel hoops surrounded by zircons of different sizes. Undoubtedly, an innovative accessory for a special dinner with friends remembering old times.

Drops earrings silver


Cascading earrings are a classic. We propose them with a modern touch. Different, without leaving aside the more rococo style of the traditional long earrings that we all know.

The Hypnotic earrings are a unique piece. With teardrop-shaped dangling zirconias, they are capable of hypnotising any style, just as their name suggests. An extravagant, yet totally elegant accessory. Perfect for a cocktail night with friends or any special occasion.

long silver earrings


An earring is not XXL if it doesn't reach the shoulders. That's why we bring you the Maroon earrings. These earrings are available in stainless steel and 18K gold plated. In addition, they feature a round piece with a snap nut from which 11.5 centimetre chains dangle.

This pair of earrings will bring out the desire to go out, dance and enjoy yourself. Ideal to wear with an updo, making them stand out. No one will look away. The more daring, the better. Thanks to their chains, the endless movement will attract attention. Ideal for captivating on one of those frenetic nights of dancing until the early hours of the morning. Vibrating on their own.

long gold earrings

With classic inspiration and recalling, with a certain nostalgia and emotion, all the moments lived with our friends on those nights that end in the early hours of the morning, The Night of Nights is born. Get ready for a unique night or, simply, to celebrate the day to day. Shine wherever you go with this selection of earrings and dare to combine those pieces you never thought you would have in your jewellery box.