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Anel de Prata de SolstícioAnel de Prata de Solstício
Yara Ring GoldYara Ring Gold

Yara Ring Gold

Sale price€29.99
Malika Anel PrataMalika Anel Prata

Malika Anel Prata

Sale price€59.99
Ines Anel PrataInes Anel Prata

Ines Anel Prata

Sale price€29.99
Monique Ring GoldMonique Ring Gold

Monique Ring Gold

Sale price€44.99
Anel de Ouro ZuriAnel de Ouro Zuri

Anel de Ouro Zuri

Sale price€39.99
Yara Ring SilverYara Ring Silver

Yara Ring Silver

Sale price€29.99
Anel de Ouro SaidaAnel de Ouro Saida

Anel de Ouro Saida

Sale price€59.99
Lara Anel PrataLara Anel Prata

Lara Anel Prata

Sale price€29.99
Anel de Ouro LaraAnel de Ouro Lara

Anel de Ouro Lara

Sale price€29.99
Anel de Ouro InesAnel de Ouro Ines

Anel de Ouro Ines

Sale price€29.99
Jade Ruby Ring GoldJade Ruby Ring Gold

Jade Ruby Ring Gold

Sale price€39.99
Anel Esmeralda de Jade OuroAnel Esmeralda de Jade Ouro
Jade Pure Ring GoldJade Pure Ring Gold

Jade Pure Ring Gold

Sale price€39.99
Ametista Puro Anel de OuroAmetista Puro Anel de Ouro

Ametista Puro Anel de Ouro

Sale price€39.99
Unic Glass Ring GoldUnic Glass Ring Gold

Unic Glass Ring Gold

Sale price€39.99
Unic Onix Ring GoldUnic Onix Ring Gold

Unic Onix Ring Gold

Sale price€39.99
Calcedonia Ring GoldCalcedonia Ring Gold

Calcedonia Ring Gold

Sale price€39.99
Monique Ring SilverMonique Ring Silver

Monique Ring Silver

Sale price€44.99
Laure Ring GoldLaure Ring Gold

Laure Ring Gold

Sale price€29.99
Ring Rectangle Nero GoldRing Rectangle Nero Gold

Ring Rectangle Nero Gold

Sale price€44.99
Ring Onix Nero GoldRing Onix Nero Gold

Ring Onix Nero Gold

Sale price€54.99
Ring Agata Pure GoldRing Agata Pure Gold

Ring Agata Pure Gold

Sale price€54.99
Ring Super Bold GoldRing Super Bold Gold

Ring Super Bold Gold

Sale price€49.99
Ring Crystal Emerald GoldRing Crystal Emerald Gold

Ring Crystal Emerald Gold

Sale price€49.99
Ring Crystal GoldRing Crystal Gold

Ring Crystal Gold

Sale price€49.99

Ring Relic Gold

Sale price€49.99
Anel de Ouro NovidadeAnel de Ouro Novidade

Anel de Ouro Novidade

Sale price€44.99

Women's rings to dazzle with

The rings for women that you will find in our store are a reinvention of the basics, where timeless and classic pieces give a unique twist. Cheap rings at the best price, with which you will not go unnoticed. Designs full of contemporary minimalism in a collection that represents the eternal duality of today's woman: free and dreamer. Truly feminine jewelry for all types of women. 

Do not hesitate to enter our website and take a look at the variety of women's rings we have. You will find a wide collection with designs inspired by the latest trends, but with Kalk's own touch, the one that characterizes us the most. In addition to a long history, we also offer unbeatable sales conditions. In this collection, you will find the cheapest rings of this year at incredible prices and with current designs.

Silver rings

The silver rings in our collection are synonymous with simplicity and versatility. Thanks to the simplicity of its design, as can be the case of the Amy Silver Ring, made with silver plated stainless steel, which allows you to combine it with others of different style, join the fashion of the combination of silver rings and choose versatility for every moment of the day!

Gold rings

Our gold rings are based on distinction. The Iconic Gold Zirconia Ring is the perfect accessory for any event. Combine it with the Iconic Bracelet or the Iconic Pendant for a total look. This collection is loaded with a lot of strength and personality so you can find the zircons in different colors, which makes each piece different from the others.

No excuses: Rings online at the best price

Rings unite you to what you want, to who you want. Do not hesitate to look for the best value for money. In Kalk we try to make that one of our great advantages, in addition to offering you a wide variety of original rings, minimalist rings and simple rings. Find your size and buy rings online. With the ease you will find on our website, it will make you want to stay much longer. 

But, if in addition to women's rings you are looking for another type of accessory for your outfit, in our online store you will be able to visit our different collections of jewelry and costume jewelry that we have prepared for you. Among them, our exclusive selection of women's bracelets in silver and gold with exquisite quality. On the other hand, you will also be able to find personalized jewelry with the letters of your name. As unique as you are.