How to take care of your jewelry with 5 simple tricks

How to take care of your jewelry with 5 simple tricks

One of the questions you ask us the most is how you can take care of your Kalk jewelery in a simple way. The first thing to know is that our jewels are 925 Sterling Silver plated in 18K Gold, what does this mean? As we say, they are jewelry and not costume jewelry, so the quality is higher and they last longer if we store and care for them properly.

Can jewelry get wet?

Another frequently asked question is whether they can get wet, so let's start here. It is recommended that you take them off when you go to play sports or bathe in the pool or beach, because of the chlorine and salt water. This is just a recommendation! We know that there are many of you who hate taking off your jewellery, you can leave it on in these cases but remember that it is possible for it to be damaged more easily!

How to store your jewelry properly

How you store your jewelery is also an important part of its care, which is why in our orders, depending on the type of jewellery, we include velvet envelopes and boxes that you can use for it.

How to clean my jewelry?

One of the questions that you will ask yourself the most is: what happens if you already notice your jewelry a little dirty? Here are some simple tips available to anyone that usually work very well in these cases so you know how you can clean the jewelry to keep it like the first day:

Clean your jewelry with dishwashing gel. Pour warm water into a bowl and submerge your jewelry. With a toothbrush and a drop, gently rub the piece. Re-insert it again to rinse it and dry it carefully. You will notice the change instantly!
This little trick works with toothpaste too! The components of the toothpastes are very useful to clean your jewelry and leave it like the first day. It is enough to apply a small proportion of it and rub the piece gently.

  1. Prevent your jewelry from rusting with anti-moisture balls. It will be enough to put an anti-humidity envelope in your jewelery box to create an environment that is as corrosive as possible and favor its maintenance.
  2. Perfume damages your jewelry, be careful with it! Sometimes it can darken the pendants, avoid putting it directly on that area.
  3. Avoid friction between your jewelry. If your jewels have zircons, avoid rubbing them with other similar jewels. You will avoid scratches and other bumps on your jewelry that will deteriorate your pieces faster.

If you still have more doubts, you can take a look at our “Jewelry Care” section where you have all the instructions and details you need to know to always wear your Kalk jewelry like the first day.