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Zirconias Hoop Piercing SilverZirconias Hoop Piercing Silver

Zirconias Hoop Piercing Silver

Sale price€15.99 Regular price€19.99
Ear Piercing Stylish SilverEar Piercing Stylish Silver
-PORTADAEar Piercing Stick Silver

Ear Piercing Stick Silver

Sale price€14.99
-PORTADAAddict To Candy Hoop Piercing Silver
Ear Piercing Ray SilverEar Piercing Ray Silver

Ear Piercing Ray Silver

Sale price€14.99
-PORTADARainbow Hoop Earrings Silver

Rainbow Hoop Earrings Silver

Sale price€23.99 Regular price€29.99
-PORTADAEar Piercing Circle Silver

Ear Piercing Circle Silver

Sale price€14.99
Royal Hoop Piercing SilverRoyal Hoop Piercing Silver

Royal Hoop Piercing Silver

Sale price€19.99
Initial Customizable SilverInitial Customizable Silver
Ear Hoop Piercing Arcila SilverEar Hoop Piercing Arcila Silver
Dust Earrings SilverDust Earrings Silver

Dust Earrings Silver

Sale price€49.99
Ear Piercing Dream SilverEar Piercing Dream Silver

Ear Piercing Dream Silver

Sale price€14.99
Ear Piercing Flore SilverEar Piercing Flore Silver

Ear Piercing Flore Silver

Sale price€14.99
Ear Hoop Piercing Heart SilverEar Hoop Piercing Heart Silver
Ear Piercing Star SilverEar Piercing Star Silver

Ear Piercing Star Silver

Sale price€14.99
Ear Piercing Hera SilverEar Piercing Hera Silver

Ear Piercing Hera Silver

Sale price€14.99
Mini Heart Piercing SilverMini Heart Piercing Silver

Mini Heart Piercing Silver

Sale price€14.99
Ear Hoop Piercing Fez SilverEar Hoop Piercing Fez Silver
Nydia Piercing SilverNydia Piercing Silver

Nydia Piercing Silver

Sale price€14.99
Monique Ring SilverMonique Ring Silver

Monique Ring Silver

Sale price€44.99
Ear Piercing Pearl SilverEar Piercing Pearl Silver

Ear Piercing Pearl Silver

Sale price€14.99
Ear Hoop Piercing Star SilverEar Hoop Piercing Star Silver
-PORTADAEar Piercing Moon Silver

Ear Piercing Moon Silver

Sale price€14.99
Ring Solstice SilverRing Solstice Silver

Ring Solstice Silver

Sale price€29.99
Initial Customizable Multicolor SilverInitial Customizable Multicolor Silver
Muse Hoop Piercing SilverMuse Hoop Piercing Silver

Muse Hoop Piercing Silver

Sale price€19.99

Cuore Piercing Silver

Sale price€14.99