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In compliance with the identification duty required by Article 10 of the 34/2002 law dated July 11th for information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the owner of the website www.kalkstore.com (herein after “the website”) is White Division S.L. (herein after "Kalk"), who can be contacted by post at C/ Xixona, 3 03204 Elche (Alicante) Spain, through our Contact Form, through the email kalk@kalkstore.com or our Social Media.

White Division S.L. is registered in the trade register of Alicante, in volume 4344, page  A-172622, 98.  C.I.F.: B02997666.


In accordance with the Personal Data Protection organic law 15 /1999 dated December 13th, Kalk would like to inform you that the personal data voluntarily submitted through the forms at our website will be included in an automated file owned by Kalk in order to fulfill the services requested by you. These data would be given to third parties (national or international) whenever connection with said third parties is mandatory to give you the service requested. Likewise, you authorize the use of your data to send you information on products and services offered by Kalk that we consider may be of your interest. Your consent is understood as given unless you expressly revoke that consent in writing. You can also communicate us your desire not to receive any kind of publicity by electronic channel. To exert such right you can contact us through the following Contact Form. The responsible of the treatment of the data is Kalk with address C/ Xixona, 3 03204 Elche (Alicante) Spain.


In the present General Conditions the following concepts will have the meaning here indicated. It is considered “Service” all the functions, installations, applications, informations or any other service thay may be obtained through the website. The word “User” refers to any person accessing or using the website, with or without authorization from Kalk.


Kalk allows the user limited Access to the website and its contents, as well as its use as a support and communication resource, only for the purposes determined on the website, as long as all indications regarding intellectual property and copyright – in case they exist – concerning the website content.

All other uses of the website, including all uses different from the above mentioned, as well as modification, distribution, transmission and/or download of the website (excepting page caching), new publications or reverse engineering without the express permission in writing from KALK, are forbidden – as long as this prohibition is not void according to applicable law. Authorization to access the website does not include, in an expository manner, commercial use or distribution of the website content, register of any list, description or price of products, supports or services, as well as the derivative use of the website or the website content, (including framing), the download or copy of information in benefit of other sellers, any use of data mining tools, bots or similar for the registry and extraction of data, any use of the website content in any place of the website server or computers attached to a network or the use of the website content to suggest any relation with products, support or services by or from Kalk.

It is expressly forbidden to use the website in any way that contravenes the present conditions or that breaks any applicable law or similar dispositions, or that causes or could cause damage, interruption or harm to the website or its services. It is forbidden as well for the user to Access without authorization to any place of the website or to other customer’s accounts or to network system linked to the website, be it through hacking, mining, password or in any other way.


Kalk does not transfer any right to any website content downloaded or used by the user. The website content, including but not limited to its selection and disposition, is a property of Kalk, with all author rights and other rights reserved. The limited authorization for the use of documents from the website is expressly conditioned to the acceptance, observance and safeguard of all indications on the website content on author rights, registered trademarks, and other protected rights, as well as all protected rights and other rights of intellectual property involving Kalk.

Unauthorized use or coy of the website content or any use of it that contravene present dispositions may be a violation of trademark rights, of intellectual property or any other protected right, as well as dispositions of civil or criminal law. It is forbidden to use any website content – or any document made available through the website – in a way that represents a violation of trademark rights, of intellectual property or any other protected right. Kalk reserves every right to such unauthorized use or non-compliance of this conditions.


Kalk is a registered trademark of White Division S.L..

All trademarks, brands, logos, internet addresses, product denominations, style names or derivations that describe any product, support or service of Kalk are registered trademarks and/or propriety of Kalk.

The use of these brands or its modifications is strictly prohibited (except with express authorization in writing from Kalk).

Other product denominations or firms used in the website may be registered trademarks of the corresponding owner.


All website content and all services are made available “as is” and “as available”, and Kalk excludes in the widest possible sense according to the relevant law – all guarantees and promises of any kind (“guarantees”), may them be expressed or implied, on the website content and services, including, to name a few, concluding guarantees of salability, satisfactory quality, suitability for a certain objective and non-violation of third-party intellectual property protected rights.

It is established, amongst other things, the following:

  • Kalk makes no promise that the website is suitable in, available or ready to be accessed at any location. Whoever accesses the website and makes use of the website content and/or services is responsible for the compliance to any related law or disposition, including all applicable laws.
  • Even though Kalk has tried to verify the exactitude, reliability and currency of all the website content, including, to name a few and in correspondence – data on products, prices, characteristics, service, support and others, as well as descriptions received from third parties, Kalk gives no guarantee whatsoever regarding the exactitude of declarations of any kind included in the website. All materials, products, support, services or information contained in the website or referred to in them may be obsolete.
  • Kalk declines any responsibility for mistakes or omissions in the website content that are not attributable to its responsibility and/or will ( provided that such dismissal is not inconsistent with the conditions established regarding the sale of Kalk products and/or services). Any decision taken based on informations included in the website content (or the user) is the user’s sole responsibility. Kalk cannot guarantee that the functions or services in the website or other interactions through it will be continuously available, with no interruptions, safely and free of error, or that all errors will be corrected, or that the website or server making the website available are free of virus or other damaging components.
  • Kalk will not assume any responsibility for whatever damage or virus harming or invading your computer equipment or other property resulting from your access to the website or its use, including, among others, the download of images, software and other website content. In the case that the website contents generate some need for service, repair or correction of the user’s equipment or files, all cost will be borne by the user.
  • If the exclusion of guarantees by Kalk described above is forbidden according to the relevant law, Kalk will effect said exclusion, restriction or limitation only up to the maximum extent admissible according to said law.


Kalk and the rest of the people and companies working on the development, manufacturing, hosting or content supply of the website will not incur in any responsibility for direct, indirect, concrete or incidental consequential damages or for a compensation including a penalty, for instance, for loss of data, non-obtained benefits, interruption of business or loss of time, or damages of any kind – among others, for damages caused for negligence or any other crime – caused by the use of the website content or the impossibility to use it, even when the possibility of said damages has been reported to Kalk or any of its authorized representatives.

According to relevant law the exonerations of responsibility contained in this section may all be forbidden. If so, exonerations of responsibility will be applied only up to the maximum extent admissible according to said law.


It is mandatory that you apply for and obtain authorisation in writing from the website operator before setting a link to the website. So called “deep linking” is strictly forbidden. All links to the website must lead to the home page, and must make clear that the website and its content have no relation whatsoever with the website containing said link, and also that Kalk is the owner and/or operator of the website. Kalk may establish hyperlinks to other websites or its resources. Acceptance of said links to the website is merely complacent and does not imply that Kalk accepts the other website or any relation with its operators. Kalk requests the user to trust their own discretion when visiting the websites and resources from Kalk or third parties.

The relationship established by any user with external websites is completely at the user’s risk.

Kalk has not verified the thoroughness or reliability of the info on the websites or external resources linked to its site through links or containing links towards Kalk's website. Kalk does not assume any responsibility for said materials. Kalk cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, fulfillment of author’s rights, legitimacy or decency of materials and information contained on the website or external resources, excluding any guarantee for them, be it expressed or implied. Kalk will not assume any responsibility, direct or indirect, for any damage or harm caused or supposedly caused by the use of any content, product, support or service available in or through the website or external resources, or for the trust in them.


With the purpose of monitoring the user’s session, Kalk website uses session cookies when the user navigates through the website and webpages. Through these cookies the system identifies the user, and at the same time keeps his personalization, data regarding the current purchases and other data of the account of the client firm Kalk. Cookies used at the website cannot read data from your hard drive. These cookies store identity codes from the established session but not from you personally. Cookies used are not harmful and are only used during the user’s session.


With the exception of a service or Access submitted to abonnement fees, the user can cancel at any time his special rights to the use of the services of the website and the rest of the content of the website by deleting all content from the website that has been downloaded, as well as all copies stored or installed anywhere. The rights of the user to use the services of the website and the rest of the website content will cease immediately, with or without prior warning, at the sole discretion of Kalk in the case that the user infringes any of the dispositions in the present conditions.

Kalk reserves the right to cancel the access of the user to the website at any time without stating the cause. After a cancellation the user must stop the use of any copies of the website content in his possession and delete them.


Kalk and/or External Suppliers can at any moment with or without prior warning improve or modify the products, characteristics, support, services, programs, prices and/or the rest of the website content.

Kalk may announce the modification of these conditions (or any other webiste content) by post on the website or other means of communications. The user accessing the website after the introduction of said modifications are bound to comply with them once they have been posted on the website or advised through other means, even if the user does not access the page in which the new conditions or modifications are posted.