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Ear Cuff Majesty GoldEar Cuff Majesty Gold

Ear Cuff Majesty Gold

Sale price€24.99
Ear Cuff Majesty SilverEar Cuff Majesty Silver

Ear Cuff Majesty Silver

Sale price€24.99
-PORTADAEar Cuff Dalia Gold

Ear Cuff Dalia Gold

Sale price€14.99
-PORTADAEar Cuff Dalia Silver

Ear Cuff Dalia Silver

Sale price€14.99
Ear Cuff Plain GoldEar Cuff Plain Gold

Ear Cuff Plain Gold

Sale price€14.99
Ear Cuff Plain SilverEar Cuff Plain Silver

Ear Cuff Plain Silver

Sale price€14.99
-PORTADAEar Cuff Naomi Gold

Ear Cuff Naomi Gold

Sale price€14.99
Ear Cuff Naomi SilverEar Cuff Naomi Silver

Ear Cuff Naomi Silver

Sale price€14.99
-PORTADAEar Cuff Hoop Gold

Ear Cuff Hoop Gold

Sale price€14.99
-PORTADAEar Cuff Hoop Silver

Ear Cuff Hoop Silver

Sale price€14.99
Ear Cuff Double Hoop GoldEar Cuff Double Hoop Gold

Ear Cuff Double Hoop Gold

Sale price€14.99
Ear Cuff Double Hoop SilverEar Cuff Double Hoop Silver
Ear Cuff Stylish GoldEar Cuff Stylish Gold

Ear Cuff Stylish Gold

Sale price€19.99
Ear Cuff Punk SilverEar Cuff Punk Silver

Ear Cuff Punk Silver

Sale price€14.99
Ear Cuff Stylish SilverEar Cuff Stylish Silver

Ear Cuff Stylish Silver

Sale price€19.99
Ear Cuff Punk GoldEar Cuff Punk Gold

Ear Cuff Punk Gold

Sale price€14.99

Ear Cuffs are the fashionable piercings in 2022

Ear Cuffs are the main earrings in this collection, inspired by the latest trends of the moment. This 2022, do not hesitate to choose the ear cuffs in your piercing combinations to give a more modern touch to your outfit. Designed for the woman of today: elegant, simple and changeable. Style and distinctive quality make up the essence of our brand. The appearance of this type of complement dates from ancient Egypt. But it was not used in costume jewelery and jewelry until the designer Annelise Michelson made an adaptation when it began to be considered as an element that could serve to improve the look of those who wear it. Today, you can easily find ear cuffs online.

How to combine your cartilage piercings?

Feel free to intersperse your cartilage piercings with other types of accessories. Combine them to be the protagonists day and night, giving birth to this collection with exclusive models in both 925 Sterling Silver and 18-karat gold-plated. Renew your daily basics with this must have. Our Ear Cuff have different shapes, in addition to the convenience of being earrings without a hole. You can wear them day yes, day no, in one ear or another, higher or lower, and they are very easy to insert. Play with the combinations and complete your daily looks with a subtle and fresh touch.

Do you need help buying your Ear Cuffs at Kalk Store?

In Kalk Store you will find what you were looking for. Buy your cartilage piercings and Ear Cuffs at the best prices and find the one that best suits you. Find the perfect gift or get the desired look, in 24/48 hours you will have it at home. In our online jewelry and costume jewelery store for women you will also be able to discover the great selection of accessories that we have thought for you. From exclusive collections of piercings and earrings for women, to more sophisticated accessories such as our limited edition of women's watches. You decide your next look!