Ideas for matching earrings


Adding a creative touch to your earlook can be easy if you find the right combination of earrings. This iconic trend allows different jewellery to wrap around your ear for a distinctive and authentic look.

This is an original and very versatile option. In fact, there are different characteristics that we must take into account when combining accessories: from the size of the pieces, the colours or the finishes they have. That is why, in order to make sure that your choice is always the right one, we bring you different inspirations that you can take note of:


You should bear in mind that the size of the earring will depend on the part of the ear where it is worn. The key is to choose, depending on the area, the right size of the pieces so that they do not clash with each other.  This way, you will be able to see all of them without hiding any of them.

In this case, a gradient effect is recommended for lobe piercings. In this way, a waterfall aesthetic is achieved in which the size of the earrings decreases as they move away from the face, thus achieving a very elegant visual impact in scale.

For this earlook we recommend that you opt for traditional golden earrings. They are undoubtedly an essential accessory in any jewellery box and will allow you to create endless combinations.

Gradient effect with ear studs


A little colour never hurts to add that finishing touch. Without a doubt, wearing a combination of earrings in different tones in your ear can also be an ideal option to brighten up your outfit. You simply need to choose different pieces with unique and vibrant colours to make the outfit stand out.

To do this, we advise you to mix different designs that combine metal with different shades. For example, simple jewellery in gold or silver together with multicoloured zirconia earrings. The contrast of the pieces will be essential when creating each combination and will give you an unmistakable aesthetic.

Don't forget that the lower part of the ear is one of the most prominent areas.  So your earlook will get more prominence if you place the most eye-catching and special earrings just in the lobe area.

How to combine coloured earrings


Subtlety can also be the key to an ideal combination. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more. That's why an understated, silver-toned option can give you an elegant and distinctive look.

Opt for delicate, minimalist pieces. Although this is a simpler alternative, it can also enhance the features of your face. To do this, mix shiny accessories with other more plain ones that add the final touch. This combination will undoubtedly become an essential that you will wear both in your day-to-day life and on special occasions.

Finally, you can also add a matching ear cuff at the top of the cartilage. A small piece that complements your earlook without breaking the aesthetics of the rest of the jewellery. This way, you will add a unique and special touch.

Minimalist earring combination


In this case the technique is none other than the well-known "mix and match" concept. An option with which you can make the most of all the designs in your jewellery box, trying to get the most out of the combination. Although it may seem a simple process, you must follow a series of guidelines so that the mix and match fits perfectly.

For example, try to ensure that all the pieces have certain characteristics in common: the tone of the metal, a relatively similar size and some other shiny element that can be combined and contrasted. In this way you will achieve that different accessories complement each other while being totally different from each other.

An extra tip: If you tuck your hair back behind your ears or opt for an updo, you can emphasise the combination of your earlook even more. This way, you can emphasise the uniqueness of the outfit in a special way.

Earring combinations

There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to creating new combinations of earrings for your ears. By simply choosing the option that best suits your personality, you can complement any of your outfits no matter what the occasion. Be inspired by the different alternatives we present you and feel free to innovate with each one of them.