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NEW ERA: the piercings of the moment added to Y2K style

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Once again this season, the essence of the 2000s is everywhere. The so-called Y2K style began to take centre stage at the beginning of the year, timidly appearing on the fashion catwalks. In the summer, it became the queen of streetstyle and it is already a fact that it is not going to leave us yet.

Along with it comes the need to combine the trendiest looks with accessories that emphasise the renewed style of the beginning of the millennium. Kalk's latest campaign revives the most popular trends and encapsulates this two-thousand yearning in its collection.

In the New Era, accessories are key. And there are no rules here. Combine as you like and take a risk. Still not sure? Don't think twice and get to know the latest trends that will win you over once you've read our recommendations.

What is Y2K style?

The Y2K style refers to the 2000s and the boom of the technological collapse that was expected at the turn of the century. The new millennium was idealised to a point where everything that happened was expected as a novelty.

The trends that we now remember with longing appeared: pink, shiny materials and fabrics, velvet and the low rise, among many others. All this may sound like a novelty for all the new generations. But for us? Of course not. We've already lived it.

Pearls of all sizes

Amongst all the accessories that are making a comeback, pearls are once again the stars of the season. We won't stop seeing them everywhere: in all sizes and adorning all kinds of accessories. We have no doubt that they are going to be a must-have for autumn 2022.

In the Kalk collections you will find pearl piercings and necklaces. They are ideal to combine with both classic and transgressive outfits; in the latter case, the contrast will be powerful. The Perle piercing from Kalk  is already a bestseller in our eShop.

Brands such as Balenciaga or Dior have already echoed this comeback of the Y2K style in their latest fashion shows, so we already know that pearls will not be a mere passing fad and that they will be with us for several seasons.

 piercings perlas Kalk

Valentino's pink: everywhere

Pink is and will be the colour per excellence of 2023. The trend hunters favourite shade will add personality to any wardrobe. Valentino has made this very clear. The luxury brand has become the forerunner of this striking shade and focuses its fashion shows around it.

Specifically, this season's quintessential shade is neon pink. A vibrant colour that leaves no one indifferent. We have seen it in make-up, accessories and clothing.

For our part, we have included in our New Era collection three proposals of piercings with zirconia that reflect all the glam of the neon pink trend: Fiore Ruby, Amalfi Ruby or Zirconias Ruby. We invite you to choose your new favourite earring.

piercings oro Kalk

When silver and gold DO go together

Not combining these metals has always been an unwritten rule in the fashion world. However, the 2000's skipped this rule and played with combining gold and silver. Well, those days are back, why choose between one or the other if we can wear them all at the same time?

This fashion has come to break routines. There is no longer one material for every occasion. We've become brazen and ambitious: and we want it all. Why not?

And if you're not too convinced, the ideal thing to do is to choose simple jewellery that isn't too flashy and doesn't clutter up the look. Start with small touches in your accessories, choose pieces that you feel comfortable with. In this case, we recommend small pieces of jewellery with zirconia, such as the Zirconias Hoop piercing by Kalk. It is the classic among classics.

Brands like Chloé or Marc Jacobs have already opted for combined pieces. They decide to leave the common or conventional and move on to another chapter in which there are no rules of any kind.

What do you think of the new proposals for the New Era? Join the current of change and update your style with Y2K style.