At KALK we are looking for ambassadors who are passionate about fashion, new trends, social media and above all: creativity.

We love to see you sharing your outfits and looks with KALK products, so we want to reward you for it by making you earn money. Because you help us communicate our values and philosophy.


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2. You will receive a custom coupon and a personal url to our site.

3. Get sales with your coupon or url and you will earn money!


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You just have to fill in the form with your name, surname, email, set a password... and you're in!

In addition to discounts and exclusive offers, early access to new products and collections and the possibility of receiving a product totally free, you will earn a 10% commission for each sale you make with your link or your code. For example, if someone makes a purchase of 100€ thanks to you, you receive 10€… It's that easy!

Share your link or your discount code with your environment, create content on your social networks, take advantage of our offers and discounts, recommend your favorite products... Let your creativity flow! The more sales you make, the more you earn!
Please note that KALK reserves the right to reject from the program all affiliates who advertise their links or discount coupons in any communication channel of the brand or in any discount pages.

Once you have registered by filling in the form, you can review your sales and income on the platform. You can also download the GoAffPro application that you will find in the Google Play Store and the App Store to be able to follow your results from your mobile.

Payment will be made in full through the payment method you have provided us. It is necessary that the data is correct and you have reached the minimum of 50€ so that we can proceed with the first payment. Keep in mind that the validation can take up to 30 days so that we can check that there have been no returns or changes in the purchases you have made.