Women who inspire our collections

Women who inspire our collections

One of the questions we get asked the most is "what inspires our collections", and we love to answer that it is all of you! 

Thanks to the fact that we know you better and better and we know what your preferences are, we can design jewelry according to what you inspire us. So when you ask us that question, we could also answer that it is the personality, the originality, the individuality... of each of the Kalk lovers. 

And we know that we are not all the same, that every woman is different and is defined by individual and unique concepts, so we try to make each jewel. In our new collection are reflected different personalities and styles. Find elegant pendants for women, fashionable anklets or ear piercings and in general, jewelry for women with which to feel identified.

Women's jewelry that define you and are inspired by you

How often do we say "this is very me" and think that the person who created it knew us perfectly well. This is the effect we love to cause when you see piercings with special motifs created for you to combine them as you like, pendants and rings that become your perfect charms or bracelets for the day to day and for your most special events.

Useful jewelry designed to be combined with each other 

Our jewelry is designed to be combined with each other, so that you can get different combinations with various pieces of jewelry. So, when you buy a Kalk jewelry you know that it is versatile and that you can wear it with any other jewelry you buy later on. 

Find in Kalk jewelry that you can identify with, because no matter how you are, you will always find a kalk jewelry that identifies you.