What types of earring closures are there?

What types of earring closures are there?

What types of earring closures are there?

When we buy earrings or piercings we tend to pay more attention to the jewellery than to the type of clasp it is made of. In many occasions, the earring clasp can be part of the purchase decision in an involuntary way. Do you know the types of clasps that exist? In this blog we are going to explain the types of clasps that you can find and we will help you to select them according to the occasion for which you are looking for them.

What are the parts of an earring? 

Earrings are divided into 2 parts: the front and the back.
The front part is the jewel, the design in which we have noticed those earrings that we have fallen in love with and that we want to be part of our collection. There are earrings ranging from small earrings attached to the earlobe to earrings so long that they seem almost infinite. But we will talk about this in another post.
The back of the earring is the clasp. In many occasions the type of clasp is given little importance, but as we have mentioned, there are many types of them and we are going to differentiate them to know which one is the right one for each occasion.

The different types of earring clasps 

Depending on the type of earring, the clasp will be one way or another. Some are more comfortable for everyday wear and others are more specific for special occasions. Here is a list of the 8 different types of earring clasps and examples to make it easier for you to identify between them.

Butterfly clasp earrings

The butterfly clasp is one of the most common type of earrings due to its design and comfort. It is characterised by being accompanied by a nut with a groove through which to pass the stick on the front so that it is closed and secure very easily.

This clasp is characteristic of piercings and earrings that are attached to the earlobe, whether short or long, as it exerts pressure so that the two parts are joined together.

the two parts of an earring

Flat or screw back earrings

Earrings with a screw or flat clasp can be recognised by the fact that, as the name suggests, they end in a thread with a groove to roll the earring along until it is fixed.

This type of clasp is perfect for piercings, as they are flat and not uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis, so you can forget about having to take them off to sleep.

They are also the perfect clasp for babies and newborns, because the stick, even if it is long, will never rub the ear or get in the way thanks to its flat clasp.

different types of earring closures

Clip or pinch clasp earrings

This type of clasp is more commonly found on costume jewellery than on jewellery, as it is more likely to be easily lost when pinching the ear. The design also means that, if you don't have holes, you can wear them with ease.

They are usually chosen by women who, due to some setback, have holes that are more torn, and this helps them to visually cover that flaw. 

Omega clasp earrings

The omega clasp is usually found in earrings with pearls or heavy materials, as it helps to keep the ear in place. It is a simple clasp reminiscent of a clip or pinch.

They are usually the favourite of older women, so these omega clasp earrings can be found in earrings with more classic and ostentatious designs.

Catalan clasp earrings or crossbow earrings 

The Catalan clasp is one of the most comfortable earrings that we can find in the market. Its closure is very simple. You only have to listen to a "click" while you join both parts of the earring to know that it is secure.

This type of clasp is found in hoop earrings, the hinged part fits the back part and ensures that it is hidden in the ring.  It is also very easy to close them.

Hook or Hippie Clasp Earrings

The hook clasp is the most recognised in youth jewellery. It is usually found in the earrings that we buy in summer in a little stall on the beach, hence the name "hippie" or "boho". It is a versatile clasp that makes it extremely easy to put on.

Inset or Hidden Clasp Earrings 

This is one of the most commonly used clasps for hoop earrings. A small bar is inserted at the other end of the earring and allows the earrings to be held in place and makes it very difficult to open and lose them.

earrings with omega type clasp

Roman clasp earrings

This is a version of the Hook clasp, but more closed. Its purpose is to provide more security than the first version, making it more difficult for them to fall out of your ears and get lost.

Do you already know which is the one that best suits your needs? Now, when you go looking for earrings, you will know the reasons why each one has a type of clasp.